Gadget Guard TechTonic Screen Cleaner Kit Microfiber Cleaning Cloth & Pouch

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Gadget Guard’s TechTonic Screen Cleaner is a non-toxic, eco-friendly screen cleaner that is alcohol and ammonia free, and comes in recyclable packaging with a non-aerosol bottle. The antimicrobial microfiber cloth is tough on dust and fingerprints. The package includes a premium antimicrobial microfiber cloth, non-streaking, eco-friendly, high-performance screen cleaner, and a carrying pouch.

Product Features:

  • High performance, eco-friendly cleaner for any screen
  • Non-toxic, alcohol and ammonia free
  • Comes in a recyclable package with a non-aerosol bottle
  • Antimicrobial microfiber cloth is tough on dust and fingerprints
  • Includes FREE refills for dealers to refill their customers!